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Salesforce for Miro

Salesforce for Miro will help you effortlessly visualize, plan, and manage Salesforce objects as cards in Miro. Collaborate with your team members across both platforms easily.

Key features

  • Import objects from Salesforce to Miro as cards

  • Import Salesforce objects as App cards

  • Update records directly on Miro

  • Automatic data sync

  • Pasting Salesforce object URL

Installing Salesforce for Miro

  1. Go to Miro Marketplace and search for “Salesforce for Miro”.

  2. Select the app and click Connect.

  3. Select the team of your choice from the dropdown menu and click Add.

Authorizing Salesforce for Miro

Here’s how to authorize the connection between your Miro and Salesforce accounts:

  1. Open your Miro board.

  2. On the toolbar, click More apps > select or search for Salesforce for Miro.

  3. Allow permissions for the 'Salesforce for Miro' app by toggling Enable.

  4. Tick the checkbox and click I accept to allow the app’s request permissions.

  5. Click the Take me to Salesforce button to log into your account.

  6. Enter your username and password on the Salesforce login screen, then click Log In.

  7. The app will request permission to access your Salesforce data. Click Allow.

  8. Upon successful authentication, the system will redirect you back to Miro.

  9. By default, you will be on the Import tab of the app.


That’s it! The setup is completed.

The Create tab and the Account map features are not available yet, we are working on it! Look forward to:

  • Creating Salesforce Objects in your Miro board.

  • Importing your account map from Salesforce.

Importing records from Salesforce

You can import records from Salesforce to use as App cards in Miro. There are two ways to achieve this.

Copy and paste links from Salesforce to Miro to create App cards on the spot!


Importing Salesforce records in bulk

Select and bulk import accounts, contacts, and opportunities to your Miro.

  1. Open the app from the side panel.

  2. Select the object type you want to import.

    • Account

    • Contact

    • Opportunity

  3. In this example, we will select Account.

  4. Perform the following actions in this window:


    1. To search for all accounts or a specific account, click the magnifying glass button or type the account name directly.

    2. Tick the checkbox for the account records that you want.

    3. Click Import to import your records into App cards.

      (info) The number of imported records will be shown within the Import button.

  5. Perform the same steps for Contact and Opportunity objects.


Importing opportunities or contacts from an account app card

If your account has several opportunities or contacts, you can import them as App cards in Miro. Here’s how to do it:

SFM Import opportunties contact from accounts 20240530.png
  1. Select the Account app card and click the expand button. Then, click on the Contact or Opportunities tab. (In this example, we select Opportunities.)

  2. Select the opportunity records to import and click Import. Your opportunities will now appear as App cards.

  3. Follow the same steps to import contacts from an account.

Viewing the app card information

You can expand the app card to view more information on the Salesforce object in Miro.

  1. Hover on the card and click the expand button on the top right to reveal the additional fields associated with the card.

  2. Click View in Salesforce to open the app card’s information in Salesforce.

Editing and updating the app card

Experience the seamless and instantaneous, two-way sync feature of the app card:

  • The app card will reflect any edits and updates made in Miro to Salesforce.

  • If the app card is in an active Miro board, Miro will reflect any changes made to Salesforce.

  1. Hover on the card and click the expand button to view the details.

  2. Click Edit to enter edit mode.

  3. Once you have updated the card, complete the action by clicking Update.


    Editing the Salesforce Opportunity app card

Disconnecting from Salesforce

You can disconnect the existing Salesforce connection and connect to a new Salesforce environment.

  1. Open the Salesforce for Miro app from the toolbar.

  2. Click the gear icon to access Settings.

  3. Click Disconnect to end the connection between Salesforce and Miro.

Security statement

ServiceRocket is committed to the protection and security of our customers' information. Learn more about Salesforce for Miro’s security practices in our security statement.

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