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Security statement


Salesforce for Miro facilitates the integration between Salesforce and Miro, allowing users to visualize Salesforce data directly within Miro boards.


  • Salesforce for Miro serves as the intermediary platform for transferring data between Salesforce and Miro.

  • The application operates using an intermediary server owned by ServiceRocket at

  • Access to Salesforce objects is limited to those configured by the Salesforce administrator.

  • Only data pulled from Salesforce into Miro is accessed and processed; only data used for authentication is stored.

  • All processed data is encrypted, HTTPS and JWT are employed for user validation.

  • We collect analytics data solely for product improvements, with the option for users to opt in or out at their discretion.


  • Stringent measures are taken to ensure secure authentication for connections to Salesforce.

  • No Salesforce data, other than authentication tokens for OAuth, is stored on ServiceRocket servers.


For comprehensive information on the security, privacy, and compliance of our products and services, refer to the following link:

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