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Understanding the different roles

Every vault will have users with different roles that have certain permissions. Here's what each role can do:


  • You automatically become a Vault Owner when you create a vault. There can only be one Vault Owner per vault.

  • When you create a secret, you will automatically become its Secret Editor.

  • As a Secret Editor, you can remove your editor role as long as the secret has other Secret Editors.

  • As a Secret Editor, you can remove all Secret Viewers and leave the field empty. 

How to update a user's role

  1. Navigate to the left sidebar and select Secret Page. There, scroll down until you see the Secret Table section.

  2. Select the secret you want to add or update a role to. Click Manage Secret.

  3. Go to Step 1: Select User and click on the avatar icon and then search for the user's name. If the user is not in the workspace, select + Invite person.

  4. To add a role, go to Step 2: Assign a Role and click on the search bar icon. 

  5. Select either Editor or Viewer from the dropdown menu and click Assign Role.

  6. To remove a role, go to Step 1: Select User and click on the avatar icon and select the user. Once done, click Remove Role.

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