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The Apps docs site gets a new look and structure

ServiceRocket is thrilled to announce a new facelift of our Apps Docs site from Sunday, 26 March 2023, 18:00:00 PDT. Our redesigned site will now be easier to navigate and also render better on mobile devices.

✅ Top-notch mobile rendering

✅ Better optimization of key page elements

✅ Prioritized key content

✅ Standardized delivery method of most content

✅ Better search UX/UI experience

✅ Breadcrumbs allow better navigation now

The structure outlined below demonstrates how the documentation for most of our products will be organized:

  • Setup guide

    • Administrator guide

    • Installation guide

  • Reference docs

    • User guide

    • Macro reference

  • Tutorials

    • Recipes

    • Use cases

  • Knowledge base

    • General error and issue updates

    • FAQs for product

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