Enabling millions of heroes! Our commitment to your success compels us to constantly improve, innovate and deliver apps that meet your needs today and in the future. This page is designed to make it easier for you to stay up-to-date on the latest product releases and technology advancements from your dedicated ServiceRocket team.

Cloud Releases


There have been a lot of great updates for Scaffolding Cloud

  • Check out the newly added field group template library to the field group macro editor. You can now quickly setup reusable template with the 2 simple steps below.
  • Users are now able to choose to save or discard drafts in field groups that they are working on.
  • Field names at the field group editor are now more understandable and simple.
  • We now offer better Field Group and Field name helper text to ease your journey.
  • CCMA, the Atlassian migration tool, now handles data transfer failure or incomplete during migration at its status more accurately.


Composition Cloud has been updated with many new features. We have now improved the design of the macro. Tabs macro editor header includes links to Support, Give Feedback, Quick Start and Learn More pages- see some highlights at the image below. Developers also have been working hard to improve TABS functionalities, including one where users can now click outside the new TABS editor to dismiss the macro


Surveys for JSM users can leverage the newly improved Word Cloud Chart ☁️.  Get the most out of your customer's feedback, increasing the value of the comments section of your surveys by highlighting words based on frequency.


Linking Cloud has been updated with several new features and improvements. 

  • Performance improvements
    • Add Page and Add Page via Form macro page creation are now much faster
    • Options now exist to use Add Page macro to create a page with Live Template even without page title, postfix, or prefix provided.
  • Improvements in link handling
    • Outgoing links macro issue with duplicated links has been fixed
    • Link titles now reflect page titles
  • The Linking Cloud has been enhanced with better access to quick help and a preview of the page via the linking macro that will be created. Quick highlights of the new design are highlighted below.


As you can see above, we are in the process of introducing a facelift of our macros to have macro editor headers that includes links to Support, Give Feedback, Quick Start and Learn More pages. Here are some examples:

  • Salesforce & Confluence Cloud Connector macro editor pages for table, report, among others. Below is an example
  • Other products having similar headers and assist links are Redirection Cloud, Security Encryption Cloud,

Security and Encryption for Confluence Cloud teams have introduced several crucial updates this past quarter, as highlighted below:

  • Features below have been improved
    • Secret macro editor can now support long user names and group names. These will now fit in full-width fields.
    • Migration of secure macros that only have group users is now supported by introducing group owners. 
    • When a user creates a secret macro, we now have the option to provide either a user owner or a group owner. If both user owner or group owner fields are empty, on insert/save, display inline error for both fields: “At least one user owner or group owner containing current user is required”

Data Center and Server Releases


We continue to roll out updates around all the below areas:

  • General performance improvements and security enhancements.
  • General usability enhancements.