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Customizing the look and feel of your survey

Survey customization allows you to deliver a consistent brand experience to your customers. By customizing the icons, logo, banner color and success message, you can design the survey's look and feel.

Choosing the icon set for the survey

  1. Click Project settings > select Survey settings > select the Customize tab.
  2. Under the Icons section, click the dropdown option and select the icon set of your choice. The default option is "Stars".

Inserting a logo within the survey

  1. Under the Logo section, click Update, and a window will pop-up. 
  2. Click Upload/Edit Image in the window to upload the logo. Next, click Save to complete the changes. 

    The customization of the logo is applicable to both the survey content and email notifications.

Changing the color of the banner

  1. Under the Logo section, click Choose Color.
  2. Pick a color from the color palette or insert your own color code. 

Enabling the success message 

  1. Click the Show success image button to toggle the switch to (tick). 

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