The survey configuration allows you to get the project's automation URL and API key.

You can also configure the project's survey email notification and goal scores to track your performance. 

Setting the automation status trigger

  1. Click Project settings > select Survey settings > select the Configure tab.
  2. Under the Automation section, choose the status that triggers the survey to be sent to the users from the dropdown.

  3. The status available from the dropdown is defined in the project's workflow. For more information, read this documentation.

Configuring email notifications

  1. Under the Email notifications section, insert the name or email address of the users that you want to notify.   
  2. The users are listed with their name, email address, and choice of notifications.

  3. If the Survey filled checkbox is ticked, you will receive an email notification detailing the survey response when a customer fills out the survey.
  4. If the Low score checkbox is ticked, every time the NPS score of a survey goes below 6 (5 or less), an internal comment is added to the issue with your user mentioned.
  5. The users listed in the Email notification section will be added as watchers on the issue.

Setting goals to evaluate performance

  1. Under the Goals configuration, set the value for NPS, CSat, and CES.
  2. Click Back to project > Surveys report, to view the goal value that you have set.

Enabling API access

  1. Click the Enable button to toggle the switch to (tick). This will activate the API Key and can be used to access your project's API endpoint. 

Alternative automation

  1. Under the Alternative Automation section, click the copy icon, and capture the automation URL. Use the copied link in the Setting up the survey automation documentation.