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Setting up the survey automation


Automation will only work with the following conditions:

  • Issues are on the JSM cloud site.
  • Issues have a valid request type.
    • If you are unsure which request type is available on your Project, please go to Project SettingsRequest Types, to get a list of all the request types for your Project.
  • A Jira issue key must be used for validating the automation.

Getting the project's automation URL 

  1. Click Project settings > select Survey settings > select the Configure tab.
  2. Under the Alternative Automation section, click the copy icon and capture the automation URL. This URL will be used in the automation step later in the configuration.

Jira Automation configuration steps

  1. In your project, select Project settings > Automation.
  2. Select Create rule to start creating the automation rule. 
  3. In the New trigger section, select a suitable trigger for your workflow. For this example, we are using Issue transitioned, the "From Status" is blank while the "To Status" has the Done value. Click Save to continue. 
  4. In the Add component section, click New action > Send web request.

  5. In the Send web request section, paste the automation URL from the project's Configure tab (refer here) into the Web request URL field.
  6. Choose Issue data(Automation format) from the dropdown. Then, click Validate your web request configuration to expand that section. 

  7. In the expanded "Validate" section, enter a Jira issue key and click on Validate. Next, click Save to continue. 

    If it is successful, you will see a confirmation message with "Response 200 OK". You should also refresh the Jira issue and check if there is a new comment with a survey link.

  8. Provide a suitable name for the automation rule then click Turn it on.

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