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Restoring or permanently deleting a secret

When a secret is deleted, it is removed from the list of secrets and sent to the Secret Bin. You can restore or permanently delete secrets as a viewer of the secret. The following guide will detail how you can perform those actions. 


  • You are working on a copy of the Security and Encryption for Coda – Secret template. ((info)Use the steps at Quick start to create a copy of this template.)
  • You have editing access to the document.
  • You are a Secret Editor. (Here's how to Add or Update Roles.)


  1. On the left sidebar, select Secret Bin.
  2. In the Deleted Secrets table, look for the secret you want to delete or restore. Under the Action column, click View More.
  3. To restore the secret, click Restore. This will move the secret back to the Secret Table on the Secret Page.  
  4. To permanently delete the secret, click Delete Forever. It will now be permanently deleted.


A secret is kept in the Secret Bin indefinitely until it is permanently deleted.

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