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Quick start for JSM Survey Administrators

In this quick start guide, we’ll walk you through simple customizations that will familiarize you with Surveys for Jira Service Management app.

Building the survey content|Customizing the look and feel |Configuring the automation|Configuring email settings|Complete playlist of JSM Survey quick start videos

Start with the video on Building the survey content. As an administrator of your organization’s instance, you will first set up questions. We also show you how you can set up more than one language.

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This Customizing the look and feel video focusses on where you should start if you want to change the look and feel with customized icons or images.

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Check out this Configuring the automation video which covers steps on how and when the surveys should be sent.

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Also, check out Configuring the email triggers. These are steps to take if your stakeholders want to be notified of low scores. You can also set up a survey reply at this step.

Expand for quick instructions to setup email triggers



Configuring performance notification

  1. Click the Email Configuration tab to configure the performance notification and set survey reply reminders.

  2. Insert the name or email address of the users that you want to notify.   

  3. Check the boxes if you want the user to receive notifications for surveys filled and/or low scores.

Setting survey reply reminders

  1. Set the survey reminder intervals as to when the reminder email is to be sent to users.

  2. Turn the toggle on to activate the send reminder feature.

  3. Congratulations! You have reached the end of the survey setting configuration.

  4. Click the Preview button one last time to view your survey design and content.

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