Configuring questions

  1. Click Project settings > select Survey settings in the sidebar.
  2. In the Questions section, enable the feedback questions that you require. 


    You can change the order of questions by dragging and dropping them into position. For example, if CES feedback is more important to you, you can just drag it to the top position.

Configuring languages

  1. In the Build tab, scroll to the Language section. Select the language you want to configure from the dropdown. You can drag and drop the languages and order them however you want.
  2. Click the downwards pointing arrow to expand the configuration for the chosen language. 

  3. The following content can be edited within the language form:
    1. Survey title - Provide the title of the survey that you want to create.
    2. Automated issue reply - Add the automated comment with a markdown that links to the survey. Edit the content of the comment as needed.
    3. Questions - Set the description for your survey's NPS, CSAT, CES, and comment.
    4. Success Message - Set the success message to appear once the user has submitted the survey.
    5. Button labels - Personalize and design the Submit button, Done button, and Done button URL.
  4. Click Preview on the top right of the page to preview the changes you have made.

    If your user has configured their JSM to use a specific language (e.g. Spanish), the automated response will be in Spanish (for example) and when the user opens the survey, Spanish will be selected as default.

    When replacing the word ‘here’ with [here|{}], only one link '[here|{}]' can be used in the Automated comment customization. Duplicate uses within the comment customization will lead to failure in triggering the automation.