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Google Classroom references

Usage example

  1. To schedule a meeting, the teachers go to their Google Calendar and schedule their meetings by using the Attendance Taker app. The teacher can use Google Meet for the meeting or paste any meeting URL into the app, be it Zoom, Skype, or others. The app will generate a unique URL for this tracked meeting.

  2. Next, students join the class by clicking on the unique URL in the invite. They will land on the Attendance Taker landing page.

  3. The landing page will detect the Google Classroom account and record the student's attendance automatically. The landing page will also validate the Google account with the student list from Google Classroom. If the student is using an unrecognized account, the page will request the student to log in with their associated Google Classroom account.

  4. Student's attendance will be taken and redirected to the meeting. Every unique meeting URL comes with an expiry timestamp. No attendance will be taken if the class has ended.

  5. Finally, admins can use the app to generate the attendance report. The report will be generated into a Google Sheets format and stored in the user's Google Drive.

Step-by-step guides for each user role

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