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New macros do not appear upon installing Cloud app


Upon installing a Confluence Cloud app, new macros bundled with the app are not available in Confluence. Symptoms include:

  • The new macros are not listed in the Confluence macro browser.

  • The new macros do not appear via keyboard shortcuts ("{" for old editor, and "/" for new editor) in Confluence page editor.

The macros may only become available after 24 hours, or in some cases, a few days.


Diagnostics Steps

Refreshing the web browser does not solve the problem.


There is a known issue in Confluence Cloud, reported at It prevents macros of newly installed apps from appearing in Confluence due to a web caching problem.


Apply ANY of the following workarounds:

  • When viewing the Confluence page editor, "hard refresh" the web browser. This will force the web browser to clear web cache specific for the Confluence page editor.

    • See the "How to Force Refresh a Single Page for All Browsers" section on this article for specific instructions for your web browser type and operating system.

  • Clear the entire web browser cache. This will force the web browser to clear web cache for all websites.

    • See the "How to Clear Browser Cache..." sections on this article

  • Work in incognito mode. This will require you to sign in to Atlassian Cloud.

    • See this article for specific instructions on how to activate the mode.

The new macros should appear in your Confluence editor from now on.

Multiple options can be selected.

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