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Quick start for Google Classroom users

It is time to start creating your first class using Google Classroom and generate an attendance report for it.

  1. First, create a class with Google Classroom.

  2. Once the class has been created and the invitation has been sent, the student will receive an email to join the class. The students will have to click the Join button to join the class.
    ⚠️ If the student does not join the class, you will not be able to schedule a meeting in Step 4. If a classroom has no students, a meeting cannot be scheduled.

  3. Go to your Google Calendar and click on the Attendance Taker app on the sidebar. 

  4. Click Schedule Meeting and select Google Classroom from the menu.

  5. Enter the Date, Time, and Title for the class.

  6. By default, the Google Meet option will be chosen for the Video Conference section. Click Schedule to send out your meeting invite. You will receive a calendar invite for the meeting.

  7. Your students can join the meeting via Google Calendar. Click the Join Class button in the meeting invitation.

  8. Students will need to verify their account by signing in with their Google Classroom account. They will receive a message that their attendance has been marked. 

  9. Once the meeting is over, click on the Attendance Taker app on the right sidebar of your Google Calendar and click Attendance Report.

  10. Under the Choose meeting type dropdown menu, select Google Classroom > Generate report.

  11. Next, select the class that you’d like to generate a report. Then, select a date range that includes the meeting you have created and click on the Generate report button. Google Sheets will then generate a report of the attendance. 

Well done, you’ve successfully scheduled a tracked meeting and generated an attendance report!

For more information and guides, check out our Google Classroom reference docs.

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