Having a help menu allows you to perform self-assistance in navigating through the application. The connector can assist you as a workplace user to send a help menu when mentioning the bot's name. 

Launching the help menu

  1. Mention the bot name followed by "help", For example, "@bot-name help" in your Workplace chat.
  2. The bot will reply with a help menu.

  3. You have three help topics to choose from:
    1. Shortcode List - Lists the shortcode commands available to be used. 

      1. Comment -  Shortcode to send comments to Jira issues. Refer to Sending comments to Jira Issues for more details.
      2. Unwatch - Shortcode to unwatch Jira issues. Refer to Unwatching Jira Issues for more details.
      3. Update status - Shortcode to update Jira issues. Refer to Updating Jira issue's status field for more details.
    2. Feedback - Sends a feedback form about the application.


    3. Exit - Closes the help menu.