In this knowledge base article, we'll guide you on how to replace the deprecated Hide From and Show To macros with the Hide If and Show If macros.


  • Confluence or JIRA version

  • Add-on version

Diagnostics Steps

  • Not applicable.


Older versions of Visibility (before version 5.0.0 ) used to have two macros that have now been deprecated:

  • Hide From

  • Show To


  • Not applicable.


  1. Keep a back-up of the space that you'd like to perform changes on as a safety measure.

  2. Install Search and Replace.

  3. Navigate to General configurationSearch and Replace.

  4. Select "Search and Replace".

  5. Enter "show-to" or "hide-from" in the Search parameter.

  6. Enter "show-if" in the Replace With parameter if you want to replace the Show To macro.
    Enter "hide-if" in the Replace With parameter if you want to replace the Hide From macro.

  7. Click on Replace All.