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Hiding Content From Specific Users

You are able to use the Hide If macro to hide specific content from only specific users you choose.

This would be useful in situations where you have a lot of content on the page and you want to make sure the right people get to see the information they need while not confusing others unnecessarily.

Though useful in preventing certain content from being seen by certain users, be mindful that this macro is not a comprehensive security solution and the user may be able to view the content easily via other means such as editing the page.

Be aware that content is only hidden in the Confluence page view, and that the content is still available when editing a page, viewing page history, email notifications, etc. In addition, other macros such as Table of Contents (a standard Atlassian macro) can still retrieve the information inside the Show-if/Hide-if macro.

To truly secure sensitive information, consider using the Security & Encryption app instead.



Visibility for Confluence Server


Hide If


  1. Create a Hide If macro on your page.

  2. When the Insert 'Hide If' macro dialog box appears, choose the user(s) or group(s) you intend to target and click Insert.

  3. Within the macro, enter the content you want to hide from the user(s).

  4. Now, when you save the page, the user(s) will not be able to see the hidden content, but everyone else will.


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