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CES report


Before you can generate or view the survey reports, an administrator or manager must first grant the proper permissions to you.

Granting permissions

You will need to have the Administrators project role. Refer to the Manage service project role memberships documentation. 

Report summary

Understanding customers' loyalty is vital to providing great customer service. The Customer Effort Score(CES) report allows you to measure how much effort a customer has to put in to resolve an issue. 

Report type

Gauge chart, bar chart, and trend line graph

Gauge chart metrics




The total score based on the average score of the accumulated survey answers received. 


The set goal of the team to measure the individual's/team's performance.  


The total number of surveys answered by the customers. 

Responses by score metrics




The specific score given by the customer for a Jira Service Management survey.

Number of responses

The total number of responses with the same score. 

Score trend line metrics




The total score accumulated over a specific duration.


The total number of responses received on a specific duration.


You would like to know the Customer Effort Score (CES) of a service desk agent in a specific timeline.

  1. Go to Projects > Choose your Service Management project > Surveys report

  2. Configure the survey parameters with the following details, the page will load the results automatically:

    1. Assignee - Choose a specific assignee to view their performance or choose all of the assignees to view the performance as a team. 

    2. Question - Choose the CES option.

    3. Survey Responded - Set the duration for when a survey is responded to and collected.

  3. The results and scores will be depicted in charts and graphs. The Responses section will include all issues used to tabulate the data. 

  4. You can export the data in the following ways: 

    1. Export: This will export the data as seen in the survey report screen. This option will only export the current scale.

    2. Export All: This will export all data, regardless of the scale, for the selected timeframe.

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