Each Secure Macro has a setting to restrict access to certain users and groups. Depending on this setting, you may or may not have access to decrypt the secured content in the Secure Macro.

Let's see how to request and recover access to Secure Macro, if the Secure Macro doesn't allow you to decrypt it.



Security and Encryption




  1. Click on Request Access button.

  2. Confluence will send an in-app notification to the owner of the Secure Macro to notify the request.

  3. You receive a notification, visit the page to edit the Secure Macro and alter the users and groups setting accordingly.

If an owner of Secure Macro is no longer reachable, a Confluence administrator or System administrator has default access to Secure Macro. 

If you are a Confluence Administrator or System Administrator, you will see this message when trying to decrypt a Secure Macro.

  1. As an Administrator, Edit the Secure Macro.

  2. Enter your password directly to allow the secure macro to be edited.

  3. Then, you may alter the users and groups setting accordingly.


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