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Creating Secure Note as a Service Desk customer

These steps are from the perspective of a Service Desk customer creating a secure note by raising a request from the portal.

  1. Log in to your account in the Help Center and create a new service request.

  2. Click on the Secure Notes option and, click Add a secure note.

  3. Fill in the note’s content and select the users who should access your note. Then, click Add note.

  4. Fill in the Subscribe to Secure Notes form to register and click Subscribe to proceed using the app’s feature.
    (info) Only the first customer who uses the app’s feature will view this form. The consequent customers will not have to fill in the form again.

  5. The secure note has been successfully created and is visible to those with whom the customer shared it.

  6. A notification will be sent to the relevant users, and a comment mentioning the users will be added to the issue. For example:
    ”Jonathan has shared a secure note with Nero. Please click on Secure Notes to view it.”

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