Let's create a form where you can use pull-down menus or listboxes to select certain users. The list of users in the pull-down menu or listbox are taken from Confluence user groups.





List Data, User Options


  1. Create a table, like the one in the following image:


  2. Using the List Data and User Options macros, fill in the table like in the following image:

  3. Edit each List Data macro and give them relevant names.
    Also, you may choose to display the List Data with names as a pull-down menu or listbox by checking the Allow Multiple checkbox.

  4. Edit each User Options macro and specify in the parameters which users you want to display.
    You may display users according to groups, spaces or by their specific usernames.

  5. You have now created a table with options populated by users from your Confluence user groups.
    You may now click Edit Contents to fill in the table using the pull-down menus or listboxes you created.


Only users with the required access to the specified spaces will be listed. Permissions can be specified for each space. You can use '@self' as the spacekey for the current space. For example:

  • SPACEKEY:view - (default permission) Only users with view access to the SPACEKEY will be listed.

  • SPACEKEY:edit - Only users with edit access to the space will be listed.

  • SPACEKEY:admin - Only users with administration access to the space will be listed.

  • SPACEKEY:blog - Only users who can post a blog (a.k.a. News) message will be listed.