There is no way to install the Scaffolding license?


Changes Since Dual Licensing Was Implemented

The Dual Licensing feature was implemented in Scaffolding 6.3.0.

With this version, you may choose to continue using your ServiceRocket license or you may also purchase an Atlassian Marketplace license instead.

For more information, visit this KB article.

The following steps only apply to ServiceRocket licenses.

Please check that the add-on has been installed successfully and enabled.

Then refresh the Confluence Administration page.

If you still cannot see the ServiceRocket Plugin menu (so you can install the license), try appending the URL below after your Confluence web address:


For example:


Access the link and you should now be able to install the license.

If this still does not work, try restarting your Confluence instance.

Able to access Scaffolding license page but there is no way to upload the license because the upload box is not available? Uninstall Scaffolding and reinstall it. The upload box will be available and you can install the license.