Out of the box, cascading fields are not supported in Scaffolding. We currently have this feature request in our Ideas portal to track public interest for this feature.


  • Confluence Server or DC

  • Scaffolding

  • Reporting

Diagnostics Steps

Not applicable.


Not applicable.


As a workaround, you can create cascading fields by integrating Scaffolding with the Reporting add-on.


Scaffolding comes with the List Data macro which works as a dropdown in Confluence. For the first dropdown (OS) we setup a List Data macro with List Option macros for each selection:

For the second dropdown (OS Version) we used Reporting and using Text Filter we check the value in OS dropdown, then the relevant list data for that OS is displayed using Reporting Wrapper:

Dropdown 2.png

You can find the full example of this use-case in our demo website linked here.


The only catch to this workaround is that you need to click on Edit Content button twice:

  • The first time you have to choose the OS dropdown, and then Save the page.

  • Then click on Edit Content again and the OS version list data will be activated based on the OS value.