After Scaffolding migration to Cloud, Live templates that refer to a Global Template are not working, and this error message appears:


  • Confluence Cloud

Diagnostics Steps

The issue may happen after migrating Scaffolding data from Server to Cloud, and after clicking Migrate Scaffolding macro button on a page.


The Live Template was not able to find any templates (from Space Template, or Global Template) with the same name.

If on the server side, the page contains a live template that refers to a global template, you will first need to manually migrate the template to Cloud. This is because Confluence Cloud migration tool does not automatically migrate global templates (Atlassian bug report:  MIG-190 - Consider making the Confluence Assistant migrating Global Templates).


The workaround is to manually copy Global Template into Space Templates, so that the CCMA tool will include them to be migrated to Cloud.  


Install Atlassian's Confluence Source Editor app to easily copy a page or template exactly by copying the storage format and pasting it onto a new page or template via the "<>" button in the top right in edit mode. 

If the Global Template is being used in many spaces, you may migrate the template as a space template, then copy the migrated space template as a global template in Cloud, before migrating the other spaces.


  1. At Confluence server, Go to Confluence Admin > Global Templates and Blueprints

  2. Take note of the name of the template. 

  3. Go to the space which has pages containing Live Templates that are using Global Templates.

  4. Go to Space Tools > Content Tools. Click the Create New Template button.

  5. Create a new template with the same name as the Global Template.

    • Copy the content of the Global Template to this new template.

    • (info) If you use the Confluence Source Editor macro to copy the content of the template, you will need to Save the template before populating the page's storage format.

  6. Once done, all Live Template macros that were previously using the Global Template will automatically use this newly created Space Template instead. 

  7. Continue migrating this space to Cloud. Don't forget to click the Migrate Scaffolding macro to make sure the template is fully converted as A Scaffolding Cloud macro.

  8. Now that the template has safely arrived in Cloud as a Space Template, continue to copy the template as a Global Template with the same name.

  9. That's it. Other subsequent migrated pages that are using this Global Template will automatically work and use the migrated Global Template.


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