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Data input is not saved when table name contains special characters


Usage of special characters in table name is supported in the latest release of Scaffolding Server. Upgrade to the latest version (8.26.18 onwards) to resolve this issue.

There is a known issue with Scaffolding tables which contain special characters in their name, such as !()#.$*[^+

After editing or adding data in the table rows, the data seems to disappear after saving. 


  • Confluence Server (all versions)

  • Scaffolding Server (all versions)

Diagnostics Steps

Check if the table name contains special characters. 


This is caused by a known limitation in the Jquery selectors.


Unfortunately there is currently no easy fix for existing Table Data macros which contain special characters. If you only have a small amount of data, you can insert a new Table Data macro with a valid name, and re-create the data.

Alternatively, if you really need to retain the existing Table Data macro, it can be renamed by using Postman or any REST API tool/client. This method also allows you to recover any data that was edited or added.


Postman (or any REST API tool/client)


  1. Get the ID of the page.

  2. Use Scaffolding REST API to get the form data with the given page ID. Refer to the GET method: Scaffolding REST API - Scaffolding Forms & Templates for Confluence Server and Data Center

  3. Copy the response body and store it.

  4. Change the name of the table-data macro. After doing this, the table data will be gone.

  5. To restore the data, use the REST API to update the page. Refer to the PUT method here:
    Scaffolding REST API (PUT)

  6. Refresh the page - you should see the old data now populated in the table data macro, and the table now has the new name.


Upgrade the app to the latest version (8.26.18 onwards) to resolve this issue.
The current version of Scaffolding will detect and warn about special characters in table names.

The current version of Scaffolding will detect and warn about special characters, but it will not fix existing tables which contain such characters. For these existing tables, refer to the workaround section above.

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