Scaffolding blueprints offer preset page templates to quickly get you started. These templates come with ready-to-use macros to help you create, manage and organize your Confluence content more easily.

In this tutorial, we'll create a new page using the Meeting notes blueprint.







  1. In your Confluence space, click on the Create from template button which is next to the Create button.

  2. In the Create window, click on Blueprints by Scaffolding and click Next.

  3. In the next pop-up window, you can choose a prepopulated Scaffolding blueprint to use. Here is a complete list of the available templates, with brief descriptions. For a more complete reference and use cases, do refer to Easy Dynamic Templates For Scaffolding.


Brief description


Assess team availability upfront and fill out the team capacity table.


Add your FAQ questions and answers in the Repeating Data macro.

How-to article

This how-to template will help you structure your article with pre-defined sections.

Meeting notes

Record meeting decisions. Create useful review documents to measure progress.


A one-hub page for new hires to know their role in the team, and be ready to help the team.

Style guide

A set of standards and best practices for the writing, formatting, and design of documents.

Team homepage

An introductory page for your team. Fill it up with your team information and its achievements. 

To-do list

Simplify your to-do list by making it easy to capture, categorize, and prioritize tasks.

Troubleshooting article

A consistent format for your troubleshooting articles to increase effectiveness.

Weekly meeting notes

Make every meeting productive and avoid redundant discussions in recurring meetings.

4. For this example, let's choose Meeting Notes and click Next

a. A Configuration window will appear. You can click on View sample to see an example. Enter a suitable title for the new page, then click Create

b. The page is created using the blueprint. You can click on Edit contents to change its contents. 

5. After publishing, if you would like to change the page title, you will need to click on Edit instead (not on Edit contents).

Easy Dynamic Templates are here!

Click Easy Dynamic Templates to check out our more vigorous Scaffolding templates.