Scaffolding now allows users with the proper permissions to view Scaffolding data history on a page that contains Scaffolding metadata. Users may compare versions or restore older versions using this feature.

Accessing Scaffolding Data History

  1. On the page with Scaffolding data, go to "...> Scaffolding History.

  2. The page history will be displayed with the addition of a Scaffolding Changes column showing if/when any edits were made to Scaffolding data.
    Only versions marked with the label EDITED have had Scaffolding data edits.

Comparing Changes Made Between Versions

  1. On the Scaffolding History page, choose the versions you want to compare by selecting the check boxes next to them:

  2. Click Compare selected versions.

Restoring Older Versions of Scaffolding Data

  1. On the Scaffolding History page, choose the version you want to restore:

  2. Click Restore this version.

The Operations column will appear blank to users without the proper edit permissions to the page.