Scaffolding now includes field group templates to help you quickly get started. Here’s how to use them:

Adding or customizing a ready-made live template

  1. Add a Field Group macro to your page.

  2. At the field group editor, navigate to the menu at the top right corner and click Templates.

  3. This will bring up a selection of templates in the library. To preview, hover over a template. Search or select a template from the list.

  4. Once you select the template, it will appear in the field group editor. You can now edit the template by adding or removing fields or text.

  5. To add another template to the same field group, move the cursor to where you’d like the template to be added and repeat steps 2 and 3. Click Insert.

The Field Group introduction template is a great way to start your document as it has all the field group macros available. Read our overview on Field Group macros to learn more.