Creates a dropdown which allows selection of one or more users from a specific list or group.

Adding to a page

  1. For this example, we'll add a user list to the first empty cell in an existing table.

  2. To add a user list to a page:
    1. Click on the location you would like to add the user list. For this example, click on the first empty cell.
    2. From the editor toolbar, click on Insert more content 
      > View more
    3. In the Select macro popup, search for scaffolding, then click on Scaffolding Field Group.

  3. The Field Group settings window appears, with the available fields below it. In the Add Fields section, scroll down until you can see User List. Click-drag User List to the right, into the empty field area. Then release the mouse button to place the user list field.

  4. After the user list has been placed, you can configure its dropdown options. Click once on the placed user list to select it, then click on Field settings or alternatively click on the Edit button on the macro.

  5. In the expanded Field settings section, you can choose which users will be displayed. For this example, we will only display users from the "apps-leaders" group. After you have added one group, can still Add more groups if needed. The other user list options are Multiple, which allows more than one option to be chosen from the dropdown, and Required, which is for important, mandatory fields that cannot be left blank.

  6. After you are done with the field settings, click Save to continue. You can continue to edit the page, or you can click Publish.

Accessing User Lists

  1. Once you have published the page, you can access the user list by clicking on Edit Content.

  2. The user list picker is shown on the page, Click on Select users. and choose a user from the dropdown.

  3. After you are done updating, click on Save Changes, or click Cancel if you do not want to save them.

    If you had enabled the Required option, you will not be able to Save Changes until you have selected a user. An example error message is shown below. Alternatively, you can click Cancel to discard the changes.

Differences between Cloud version and Server version

The user lists for Scaffolding for Confluence Cloud are now grouped under the Scaffolding Field Group macro. In Scaffolding for Confluence Server and Scaffolding for Confluence Data Centre, user lists are created by using the User Listand User Options macros.