This page documents features regarding attachments in Connector for Salesforce & Jira.

Attachments can be synchronized automatically between Jira and Salesforce, when an association has been established. The attachments from opposite systems are created as native attachments in the other system, hence, users do not need to have access to both systems to get the attachments.

In a common scenario, this is useful when a support agent in Salesforce would like to send screenshots or logs from a Case to developers in Jira. In return, when a fix is ready, a developer in Jira can send an artifact directly into the Salesforce Case. This removes manual steps in sharing attachments between the two systems.

Configuring attachments settings

The attachment synchronization feature must be turned on by the admin through a Connection setting called Synchronize Attachments.

Both Salesforce Attachments and Salesforce Files features are supported, though Salesforce Files support has to be enabled in the Connection settings after enabling the Synchronize Attachments setting.

For more instructions on accessing and configuring attachments settings for Connections, view Configuring connection settings.

Attachment synchronization

Attachments can be pushed (sent) and pulled (received), automatically or manually.

For more information, refer to: