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What is the difference between "Create" and "Review & Create" buttons?


What are the main differences in using the Create button vs using the Review & Create button?


  • Jira Server

  • Jira Cloud

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When creating a Jira ticket from Salesforce, it's important to take note about the differences between these two buttons which are as follows:

Create button:
When using this button, you have to make sure that all mapped fields have been included in the Create Issue Screen in the Jira project settings for the project that you are creating the issue for.  If any of the mapped fields is missing from this screen, you will receive an error message like the one shown below:

Review & Create button:
This button does not require the mapped fields to be added to the Create Issue Screen in Jira as the issue will be created successfully.  However, any mapped field that is not included in this screen will not be synced at the time of creation.  

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