You can get Salesforce HTML formatted fields translated to Jira text area fields starting with release versions 2.36.17 of Connector for Salesforce and Jira.


  • Add on version 2.36.17 and above



  • Using Connector for Salesforce and Jira version 2.36.17 and above
  • Using a Salesforce field with Text Area (Rich) type

  • Using Jira field with Paragraph type


  1. Set the renderer of this particular Jira field to Wiki Style Renderer
    1. First select the Field Configurations as illustrated below then navigate to Settings area. Click Issues.

    2. Next set the renderer as shown below. Optionally, refer Atlassian’s guide on setting renderer for a particular field.

  2. Finally, configure the field mapping as shown in the screenshot below. ((warning) Salesforce field with Text Area (Rich)  type will be labeled differently, as compared to the general Text Area type.)

Known Limitations

List of common differences in the transition output between Salesforce’s HTML and Jira’s Wiki Markup:

  • Images are not rendered
  • Code blocks are not rendered