This page will help you understand how to value mappings from the CSV file imported from your local computer.

The following are the limitations of this feature:


  1. Go to Apps > Salesforce, and select Bindings from the side navigation bar.

  2. Click Mappings on the bindings of your choice.

  3. In the pop-up, click Configure on a field, then click Import.

  4. In the Upload file phase, click Upload a file or drag and drop the file to upload the CSV file.

  5. Click Next when you see the “File uploaded successfully!” message.

  6. Map the CSV field values to the existing Value mapping field, then click Next again.

  7. In the Summary phase, go through the uploaded field data and verify them. Once verified, click Import.

    (info) Toggling “Only show rows with problems” will show you only the fields uploaded that are flagged due to formatting issues or duplicate values.

  8. The value mapping import is a success, you will see the “Entity Mapping updated successfully” message.