How do I map a value from Salesforce to certain Epics (Epic Link field in Jira) when a Jira Issue is created.?


  1. First, create a custom field in Salesforce with type: string. 

  2. Then, map the Salesforce custom field to JIRA's "Parent" field. If you are unsure on how to do this, refer to Configuring Entity Mappings and Field Mappings.

  3. To ensure the value in Salesforce synchronizes with Jira, make sure Epic Issue Key (not just a Jira key) is mapped Salesforce Text Custom Field like the example below.

Once the Salesforce object and the JIRA issue is synchronized, the Epic Link will automatically be converted according to the JIRA Issue:


The fields Epic Link and Parent Link will be deprecated by Nov 11, 2022. It is crucial to update your mapping before that date by updating the deprecated fields to Parent.