When performing a JQL search query in the Bulk Operations tab of Salesforce, the error "Failure in running JQL search query" appears. 


  • JIRA Cloud

Diagnostics Steps

Run a check if the project still exists in your Jira Cloud site with the following methods:

    • Go to Projects View all projects

    • Using the project ID from the bulk operation search into this URL:!default.jspa?pid=<projectID>
    • Using the Atlassian API (if you are using a team-managed project):

      Using the Atlassian API to check for the Project ID will result in the page displaying an unformatted JSON. We recommend using a JSON formatter or other similar tools to view the page.


The project is archived or moved to the trash but the bindings still exist. The Bindings page will show that the project is orphaned and unknown. 


Not applicable.


  1. Go to the gear Icon > Projects. URL Example: (

  2. Click the Trash or Archive tab to search for the project. 

  3. Proceed to unarchive the project or restore the project from the trash. 

For more information, on project archive and project trash features, look at the following documentation: