The Salesforce Package features the Lightning Experience component which means you can now take advantage of the Lightning App Builder to easily build customized page layouts. The components can show Jira information and operation buttons to create or associate, as well as Jira comments related to the associated Jira issues. 

This page will guide you on how to configure Lightning Experience components for both standard and custom objects in Salesforce.

(info) Using the Classic view? Check out Configuring Visualforce components.


Before continuing, ensure you have already:

Using the Lightning App Builder to configure a custom page layout

  1. In your Salesforce, load an object's page.
  2. Click on 
     > Edit Page.

  3. The Lightning App Builder will load.
    In the sidebar, scroll to the bottom to find the following two components:
    • Jira Comments
    • Jira Issues

  4. Drag the components onto the desired location for your page layout.

  5. After you've placed the components in the desired locations for your page layout, click Activation... to set your Lightning page assignment.
  6. When you're done setting the page assignment, click Save.
  7. Now when you load an object's page, you are able to see Jira issues associated with the object, along with their comments.

    You will also find that upon creating a new Jira issue or associating to an existing one, the Jira Comments section will reflect the changes automatically.

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