It is possible to configure a connection to send email notifications to all Case owners whenever a Jira comment is created or updated.

Configuring email notifications

  1. If you are using Jira Cloud, click the Jira icon in the top left (
    , or 
    Salesforce > Connections.
    If you are using Jira Server, click 
     > Add-ons, and then in the sidebar go to Salesforce > Connections.
  2. Choose the connection you want to configure, then click Configure under Operations.
  3. Scroll down to Salesforce Notification Settings and click the toggle button to switch the feature on.
  4. Make sure to click Apply Changes to save your settings.

Sender Type

Email address used as the email's From and Reply-To addresses can be one of the following:

  • Current User: The email address of the user running the flow, i. e. the Salesforce user who has authorized the Salesforce Connection in Jira.
  • Default Workflow User: The email address of the default workflow user of the Salesforce organization.
  • Organization-Wide Email Address: A specific organization-wide email address that needs to be specified in Connection Configuration.

For more information on configuring Organization-Wide Email Addresses, consult the Salesforce documentation.

Sender Address

  • Enter the email address of the organization-wide email in this field, if the Sender Type is set to "Organization-Wide Email Address". This field is ignored otherwise.

Email Format

An email similar to the following screenshot will be sent out to Case owners:

  • The email has a fixed format.
  • The email subject will be similar to Jira emails that are sent out for comments and issue update notifications.

Conditions and Limitations

For the notification emails to be sent out, the following must be true:

  • The connection to Salesforce is authorized properly.
  • Case objects are supported.
  • The "Notify by Simple Email" flag is enabled for the connection.
  • A valid sender is configured.

For a comment creation or update to trigger the notification email:

  • The issue the comment belongs to must be associated to at least one Case object in Salesforce.
  • The association is not view only (i. e. it is a synchronized association).
  • The body of the comment (created or updated body) satisfies existing Jira Comment Privacy filters (Show All, Viewable by All Users). Note that as of now this configuration is only visible in the Salesforce package configuration page.
  • The body of the comment satisfies existing Jira Comment Tag filters. Note that as of now this configuration is only visible in the Salesforce package configuration page.

Known limitations:

  • The email body is in plain text. HTML is currently unsupported. This is a known limitation of the Salesforce simpleEmail API.