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Associating a Jira Issue from Salesforce

This page will guide you how to associate a Salesforce Object (such as an Account, a Case, a Contact, etc.) with a Jira Issue, from within Salesforce.

By doing so, you can easily link a Jira issue with the current Object, and also configure its sync behavior.

For example, when Salesforce agents receive a Case caused by a known bug, they can associate the Case with an existing Jira issue containing the bug report. This way, both the team working in Jira and the team working in Salesforce can see all related Cases and Jira issues, and push or pull data between the systems.

Note the prerequisites:

Associating a Salesforce Object with a Jira Issue

  1. In a Salesforce object, click Associate.

    The Associate Jira Issue pop-up window appears.
  2. Search for your Jira issue by entering the Issue Key or Issue Summary in the search box.
  3. If there are multiple matches, the most recently created issues will appear first.
    Only issues belonging to Projects bound to the authorized Connection will be searchable.
  4. You may choose to toggle the following options:

    View Only - Manual and automatic synchronization will be disabled.
    Auto Pull - Changes to the associated Jira issue will be pulled automatically to this object.
    Auto Push - Changes to this object will be pushed automatically to associated Jira issues given respective triggers are installed.

    (warning) Some combinations are not possible and cannot be selected. Refer to the help provided under the What Will Happen? panel.
  5. You can also choose what to do after the Jira issue is associated by choosing from the following options:

    Do nothing
    Pull from Jira
    Push to Jira
    Push to Jira then Pull from Jira
    Pull from Jira then Push to Jira

  6. When you are satisfied with your configuration, click Associate.
  7. Upon successful association, the Issue associated successfully message will be shown.

Jira Issues Display in Lightning

JIRA issues in Salesforce Lightning will be listed as cards if the association is less than 5. Otherwise, they will be shown as a table which aligns with the Lightning Design System.

Known limitations

  • Each Jira issue can be associated with a maximum of 300 Salesforce records only due to a storage limitation imposed by Jira.
  • When using the Salesforce NextGen Lighting Component, the maximum amount of JIRA associations than can be displayed is 50.

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