Salesforce users have multiple record types for their objects, and want to assign a specific record type to a Salesforce object when creating a new record, whether manually or automatically.

This article helps you understand how to select the record type during the creation process.


  1. In Jira, click Setting (Cog Icon) > Issues > under Fields, click Custom Fields > click Create custom field button.

  2. Search and select “Select List (Single choice)” custom field (e.g. Record Type).

  3. In the Options field, add all the record types that will be used by the connector. Click Create.

  4. Then, map the custom field with the relevant project screens and click Update

  5. Search for the field you have created and click Contexts and default value. Edit the default value or options necessary.

  6. Map the Record Type Jira field with Record Type ID Salesforce field. 

  7. In Salesforce, go to Setup > Object Manager > Case > Record types > click on the Record type name. The ID of that Record type can be taken from the URL:

  8. Map the options of the Record Type field with the ID of the Case Record Types and click Save.

  9. Now, by manually or automatically creating a Salesforce Record from the association tab in Jira issues, the Record type will be assigned to the created Salesforce Objects from Jira.