This guide walks you through synchronizing Jira issues with Salesforce by pushing the changes to Salesforce.


An application link must have already been established. See: Configuring Mappings

Automatic synchronization

By default, changes made to an issue that is linked to a Salesforce object will be synced across to Salesforce automatically.

In some situations this synchronization might fail due to network issues or if Salesforce is under maintenance. A manual sync would then be required after the service has been restored.

Manual synchronization for a single Jira Issue

  1. Go to the issue you wish to synchronize to Salesforce.
  2. Go to More Actions > Manage Application Links

  3. Click Push Changes link in the Operations column of the next screen.

  4. The changes will be pushed to the remote linked object and you can verify this by going to the object in Salesforce.

Manual Synchronization for Multiple Jira Issues

  1. Go to the Issue Navigator and search for a list of issues you want to synchronize with Salesforce.
  2. Go to Tools > Bulk Change > All x Issues.

  3. Select issues you wish to push to Salesforce. These should already have Salesforce associations.
    Click Next.

  4. The next screen, Choose Operation, will have a few new operations than the standard view.
    Select Push Changes to Remote System and click Next.

  5. A change summary screen will be displayed.
    Click Confirm if you are satisfied with the changes.

  6. You will be taken back to the Issue Navigator. To verify your changes, go to Salesforce and check the linked objects or look at the details in individual issues.