This guide walks you through the process of adding or removing an issue type-to-mapping configuration.

Adding an issue type-to-mapping configuration

  1. Go to the Mapping Scheme Configuration Interface.
  2. Fill in the form at the bottom of the page with the fields as defined below and click Add:

    1. Issue Type: The issue type. This can be a specific issue type or an "All unassigned issue types" which is used by default for all issue types which does not have mapping explicitly configured for it.
    2. Mapping: The mapping to use with the issue type, as configured in the Mapping configurations (see Configure Mappings).

  3. The new issue type-to-mapping configuration will be added to the list that is displayed on the same screen.

Removing an issue type-to-mapping configuration

Take note that there are no confirmation screens so be careful when deleting issue type-to-mapping configurations.

  1. Go to the Mapping Scheme Configuration Interface.
  2. Click Remove next to the configured issue type to mapping configuration that you would like to delete.

  3. The screen will refresh with the configuration removed.