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Adding a new Mapping

This guide walks you through adding a new Mapping for the Connector.

Adding a new Mapping

  1. Go to the Mapping Configuration Interface.

  2. There is a form below the Mappings list that allows you to add a new Mapping.
    Fill this out as per the field descriptions below and click Add:

    1. Name: The display name for the Mapping, this should be something short and concise that describes the Mapping (e.g.: Salesforce Case Mapping)
    2. Description: A description to tell the administrator(s) about the purpose of the Mapping.
    3. Remote System: The remote system you want to map to, which are configured in Configure a Connection.

  3. The following screen pulls in your values from the previous step and allows you to choose which Salesforce object to associate this Mapping to.
    The list is dynamically populated from Salesforce and cached.

    • If you don't find the Salesforce object you are looking for, you may need to refresh the caching by clicking Click Here next to Can't see the field you want to map?.

  4. Once the system specific fields are completed, click Add.

  5. You should be brought back to the first screen and see the new Mapping listed in the list of Mappings.

  6. You have now created a generic Mapping to a Salesforce field.
    To configure which Jira field to associate this Mapping with, you will need to configure the Mapping.

What's next?

You should now proceed to:

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