Due to how Salesforce limits the number of API calls within a 24-hour period, the Connector stores Salesforce data in a cache to reduce the number of API calls.

However, this may result in recently updated Salesforce data not reflecting their true values. 

As an Admin, you may configure the duration of the Salesforce data cache refresh to ensure data is continuously updated in an efficient manner.

Configuring the Salesforce Data Cache Refresh Duration

  1. Go to the Cog Icon > General configuration.
  2. In the sidebar, look for Salesforce, and then click Data Cache.
  3. The Data Cache screen will appear:

    On this screen, you are able to configure the duration of data cache refresh in increments of minutes.
    The default setting is 60 minutes but you may set any integer lower or higher than 60 (minimum value is 1).
    Decimal numbers are not permitted.