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Key concepts

Sentiment Analysis for JSM is a powerful app that helps you capture customers' emotions and understand your customers better, so that you can serve them with fantastic customer service. Track all of your customer's sentiments via their comments, and tailor your response accordingly. 


Deriving a customer's emotion and thought process through words is tough as ever. Understanding the customer's tonality and breaking the language barrier may prove challenging. Using Sentiment Analysis for JSM, you can:

  • Capture customers' emotions accurately.
    Avoid misunderstandings and incorrect responses, only further complicating the conversation.

  • Respond in a timely manner, nip out frustrations in the bud.
    Trim unnecessary back and forth figuring out what the customer wants that usually leads to delayed responses and solutions.

  • Have access to additional data to perform your customer service analysis. 
    Customers may not always respond to your surveys, Sentiment Analysis for JSM sees this as an opportunity to analyze data that commonly falls through the cracks. 


Sentiment Analysis for JSM allows you to achieve all this on your Jira Service Management instance with these three key functionalities: 



Perform sentiment analysis on the customer's reply at a glance

With the comment section in view, get your customer's sentiment analysis and prepare your next response promptly.

View sentiment report with all the customer's sentiments in one place.

A high-level collective report with the sentiment score data, combined with a set of filters for easy drill-down.

Exclude comments from your team for a customer-focused outcome.

Excluding the sentiment score analysis on selected user accounts for a more accurate sentiment score.

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