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Repeat Filter


This filter checks if the current value is different from the previous one in the report.

This filter is useful if you are working with data which is sorted according to a particular value and you only want to display the first occurrence of that value, rather than outputting the same text for each repeated occurrence.

This macro must be used within a reporter macro.




Migratable to Cloud?

Default Value



  • (/)

  • NO

The key chain value to filter on.


  • (X)

  • NO


Specify whether to match the first item only (the default behaviour) or repeats only. May be:

  • first - the first occurence only is displayed.

  • repeats - the repeated occurrences are displayed, not the first occurrence.

Editor View

  • Not applicable.

Macro Edit View

  • Not applicable.


  • Not applicable.

Tutorial Examples

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