Let's check whether a certain page exists or not in this particular Confluence space.



Reporting for Confluence Server


Report Block, Report Body, Report Empty


Value Supplier


  1. Create a Report Block macro.

  2. Within that Report Block macro, create a Local Reporter macro.
    For the Key parameter, type "value:content" followed by the name of a page available in your space.
    For the purposes of this example, we have typed in "value:content Recipes".

  3. Now, still, within the same Report Block macro, create a Report Body macro.
    Within that Report Body macro, type "The page exists!"

  4. Still, within the same Report Block macro, create another Report Empty macro.
    Within that Report Body macro, type "The page does not exist!"

  5. You should now have something that looks like this:

  6. Now click Save and view the results.
    Try also changing the Key parameter in the Local Reporter macro to a non-existent page (in this example, the page name "Recipes"). 


  • Not applicable.


Does the page "Recipes" exist on this space?

The page exists!