Reporting includes administrator settings that allow Confluence administrators to set the default duration for caching and the default size limits for reporting results and query results.

Here's how to access these settings:

  1. As an administrator, go to Cog Icon > Manage apps.

    (warning) If you are using an earlier version of Reporting, you can use this configuration URL:
  2. In the left sidebar, scroll down to Reporting Configuration, and click on Configuration.

  3. In the Reporting configuration screen, you can change these settings from the defaults:

    1. Report caching - You can configure caching to improve performance. If you have reports with more than 100 results, you can get significant performance improvements by enabling this feature. The default is Disabled (no caching). If enabled, you can also set the number of hours to store the cache results in Enable with a time to live of X.X hours. A reasonable duration would be 24.0 hours.

    2. Flush cache - You can flush the reporting cache by clicking this button. This button will only be enabled if report caching is enabled and you are a system administrator.

      A note about caching

      • If you enable caching, the cached report is stored only for the specified number of hours. After this time has passed, the cache is cleared. When the report page is accessed again in the future, a new report is generated and will be cached again.
      • Report caching is only available in Reporting 6.17.0 or later.
      • For more information on caching configuration, check out the Understanding report caching documentation. 
    3. Result size limit - You can specify the size limit for Reporting results. For example, a reasonable number would be 200 results.  The default is Disabled, which allows Reporting to process any number of report items.
    4. Query size limit - You can specify the size limit for query results. For example, a reasonable number would be 2000 results. The default is Disabled, which will return any number of query results.

      (warning) All settings are Disabled  by default. If you have a large number of Reporting results or query results, this may cause a negative impact on Confluence performance. 
  4. If you make any changes, remember to click Save, and you're done.