A report that shows the number of “likes” on pages in the current space.




Reporting for Confluence Cloud



Estimated time

5 minutes


The template mentioned above will generate a report on content created by you. This is specified by a section of the CQL query which is, creator=currentUser().

You can easily create a report on content created by another user just by changing the creator value to the user's account ID. For example, if the user account ID is 621dabxxxxx4c0070ad1fe7,  then the CQL should be:


You can obtain a user's account ID by following these steps:

  1. In Confluence or Jira, click on the People tab, and either select or search for the user you are interested in. View their profile.

  2. The URL of their profile page will include their user account ID at the end. It will look a like string of random letters and numbers. You can copy this string and use it for CQL queries.


This recipe is now part of Reporting's built-in templates. You can easily load it into your page by using the templates feature.

By default, the report is limited to 200 results. Enable Get all results below the search box if you need to view more results.



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