WARNING The Alias macro is currently not available on Confluence Cloud. Would you like to see this server feature in Cloud? Feel free to update our ongoing survey and we will prioritize accordingly.

This macro will create another page which has a Redirect macro automatically configured to redirect to the current page. You may choose where the Alias macro will create this new page by selecting its parent page.

More than one Alias macro may exist on a single page.




Default Value



  • (/)

The name for the new page to be created by this Alias macro. This must be a valid page name.


  • (X)

no parent

Specifies what the parent page will be for the new page that will be created by this Alias macro.

This may be any page in the current space, or one of the following:

  • @self - The current page

  • @parent - The current page's parent

Editor View

Macro Edit View

Not applicable.


  • You can only specify an alias within the current space.

  • If a page already exists with the alias' name, the page will be left unchanged.

  • If the alias specified is already an alias for a different page, an error message will be displayed and the alias will be unchanged.

  • If you rename a page with aliases, the alias pages will continue to work.

  • Up until 3.0.0, if you change the alias name on the original page, the old alias will still exist. It must be deleted manually.

  • To edit or delete an alias, add '?redirect=false' to the URL manually.