Once a Confluence page has been published using Publisher for Confluence Cloud to Salesforce, the app maintains a link between the Confluence page and the Salesforce knowledge article.

A linked page means any Confluence user with the right permissions can update the Confluence page and send the updates to Salesforce.

For some reasons like maintaining the articles independently or versionize the knowledge base in Salesforce, you may choose to unlink the Confluence page.


  1. Visit the page in Confluence. Click on 
     (More actions), then click on Unlink from Salesforce

    If you don't see the menu item, it means the page has never been successfully published to Salesforce. See Publishing a Confluence page to Salesforce.
  2. The unlinking process will start. If successful, a notification popup will appear at the bottom left of the window.
  3. At this point, the knowledge article has been unlinked from Salesforce.
  4. Refresh the Confluence page. You should see the View in Salesforce link at the breadcrumb has disappeared.

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